Conference Presentations

Guardians of the Wild: The South African Field Ranger, Dale Kapla

Partners in Crime: Corporations and Academe Collaborate in the Development of a Loss Prevention Degree Program, Dale Kapla

Concealed Carry Campus, Greg Warchol

Environmental Crime in the Western Cape of South Africa, Greg Warchol

Establishing ties with foreign universities: the good, the bad and the ugly, Greg Warchol

Guardians of the Wild: The South African Field Ranger, Greg Warchol

Wildlife Trafficking: Toward a typology of offender behavior, Greg Warchol

Journal Articles


Defining Sentence Type: Further Evidence Against the Use of the Total Incarceration Variable, Michael P. Harrington


Methodological Challenges to the Study and Understanding of Solitary Confinement, Michael P. Harrington


Revisiting the Total Incarceration Variable Should Researchers Separate Jail From Prison Sentences in Sentencing Research?, Michael P. Harrington


Bail agents and bounty hunters: Adversaries or allies of the justice system?, Greg Warchol


Corporate Kidnapping: An Exploratory Study, Greg Warchol


Police compulsory arbitration: A review of the research, Greg Warchol


Transnational Criminality: An Analysis of the Illegal Wildlife Market in Southern Africa, Greg Warchol