Incorporating Invertebrate Groups into the Red List Index (Sampled Approach), Louise Bourgault

Sampled Red List Index (SRLI) project (PART 2), Louise Bourgault

The King-Chávez-Parks Future Faculty Fellowship, Sara Potter

NMU Distinguished Team Award, Mark Shevy

Book Sections/Chapters

Sport as public relations, K. Brown and Thomas Isaacson

Social Science Dimensions of Environmental Communication Research, James G. Cantrill Dr.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility: Rio Tinto, James G. Cantrill Dr.

Victims ‘in’ and Protectors ‘of’ Appalachia: Place and the Common Topic of Protection in Missing Mountains: We Went to the Mountaintop, but It Wasn’t There, James G. Cantrill Dr. and J. Ewalt

Praxis-based environmental communication training: Innovative activities for problem solving, B. McGreavy, C. G. Druschke, L. Sprain, Jessica L. Thompson, and L. Lindenfield

Conference Papers in Published Proceedings

Media and Culture Overview, Louise Bourgault

Amplifiers on the Commons: Using indicators to foster place-based sustainability initiatives, J G. Cantrill

Framing Environmental Communications, Jacquelyn B. Gage, S Xie, and J G. Cantrill

Consistent and Contrary Constructs: A Comparison of German and American Listeners’ Cognitive Associations with Popular Music Genres, Susanne Kristen and Mark Shevy

Advocacy and Opposition: An Introduction to Argumentation, Donald Rybacki

Rhetorical exigency, strategy, and argumentation, Donald Rybacki

Attending to mass media, Mark Shevy

Integrating media effects research and music psychology, Mark Shevy

Music in television advertising and other persuasive media, Mark Shevy and Kineta Hung

Introduction: The symbolic transformation of space, J L. Thompson and J G. Cantrill

Conference Presentations

A Web Portal to Span the Public and Agency Divide: 2.0, Communities of Practice, and Human Dimensions Research regarding Natural Resource Management, James G. Cantrill Dr.

Blended-Landscape Communities and Forested Habitats: Accounting for Perceptions Within and Beyond the Urban Fringe, James G. Cantrill Dr.

PDF 2.0: An Interagency Web Portal on the Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management., James G. Cantrill Dr.

Heading Off Forestry Management Conflict: Lessons from the Field of Environmental Communication., James G. Cantrill Dr.

Getting Personal with Climate Change: Analyzing Perspectives of Healthcare Practitioners, James G. Cantrill Dr. and R. Goodman

Home Waters Run Deep: Leveraging Cold-Water Conservation and Place Attachment to Promote Climate Change Adaptation Across Socio-Political Divides, James G. Cantrill Dr., R. Goodman, and B. Burroughs A Place for Social Science Resources, Conversations, and Collaboration, James G. Cantrill Dr., R. Schuster, F. Clark, N. Sexton, T. Fish, M. Tenbrink, and J. Adkins

Uniting Social Science Resources, Conversations, and Collaboration, James G. Cantrill Dr., R. Schuster, F. Clark, N. Sexton, T. Fish, M. Tenbrink, J. Miles, B. Meldrum, and J. Adkins

Your Place, My Place, or Someplace More Exciting, J G. Cantrill

Amplifiers on the Commons: The Role of a Sense of Self-in-Place and Community-Based Sustainability Initiatives to Promote Conservation Biology, Jim Cantrill

Assessing Political Engagement in the Basic Communication Course: A Preliminary Descriptive Analysis., Jim Cantrill

Ecosystem-Based Management in the Empire State, Jim Cantrill

Fostering the Use of Human-Dimensions Sustainability Indicators in Community Organizing, Jim Cantrill

Framing Environmental Communications when “Close to the Nature, Hand in Hand with Fuwa”: Bid Process Follow-Through and Preparations for the Beijing Olympic Games, Jim Cantrill

Rethinking the Responsibilities (and Response-ability) of Environmental Rhetoric., Jim Cantrill

Structural and Interactional Influences on Environmental Communication in Small Groups: Agency Over-Reliance on the Nominal Group Technique., Jim Cantrill

The Next Decade in Environmental Communication Studies, Jim Cantrill

The ‘Sense of Self-in-Place’ Construct: Current Exploratory Studies and Future Prospects for the Field of Conservation Psychology., Jim Cantrill

Using Cultural Identifications and Place-Based Sustainability Initiatives to Promote Land-Use Conservation Practices, Jim Cantrill

Victims "in" and Protectors "of" Appalachia: A Frame Analysis of Missing Mountains: We Went to the Mountaintop, but it Wasn’t There.”, Jim Cantrill

Video - CERT, Community Emergency Response Team, Bill Davie

The Las Vegas Night Club Design Intensive - Jewel, William Digneit

My brand and the team brand; Where to insert the “I” in team?, Thomas Isaacson

Evaluating PR crisis responses to concussion issues in NCAA Division I football, Thomas Isaacson and A. Agozzino

A Reading from Nikki Craft: “An open letter to men who say they believe in freedom and equality" (from 1981), Sara Potter

Assessing Political Engagement in the Basic Communication Course: A Preliminary Descriptive Analysis, Sara Potter

Speech Writing and Delivery in 30 Seconds, Sara Potter

Using Critical Discourse Analysis to Understand Power, Hegemony, and Blame in the Stanford Rape Case, Sara Potter

Using Critical Discourse Analysis to Understand Power, Hegemony, and Blame in the Stanford Rape Case, Sara Potter

Cross-cultural pop music genre associations, Mark Shevy

German listeners’ music-genre schemas for international and domestic popular music: Differences in cognitive associations associated with exposure to country, hip-hop, punk, and German folksy music., Mark Shevy

Integrating Empirical Mood & Cognition Research to form a Model of Musical Effects in Multimedia, Mark Shevy

Music Genre Schema Construct Accessibility in Evaluation of a Charity., Mark Shevy

Semantic meanings associated with popular music: An international consideration of music genre in branding, Mark Shevy

When is Music Communication? A music communication matrix based on assumption, intention, and meaning construction., Mark Shevy

The influence of story ending and music on perceived protagonist emotion, viewer emotion, and enjoyment, Mark Shevy, Lauren Larsen, and Carolyn Tobin

Story, Music, and Disposition Theory, Mark Shevy, Lauren Larsen, Carolyn Tobin, and Aubrey Kall


2007-2008 TLC Award for Teaching Improvement, Louise Bourgault

2012 Great Lakes Art Showcase: First Place 2D, Louise Bourgault

2nd Annual International Commitment to Excellence in Art and Sport: A Fine Art Competition Exhibit, Louise Bourgault

Award for Broadcast Excellence-First Place, Louise Bourgault

Award for Excellence and Versatility in Communication Education, Louise Bourgault

Fulbright Research Chair, Department of Rural Economy, University of Alberta, Louise Bourgault

Good News Awards, Louise Bourgault

The National Collage Society: 27th Annual Juried Exhibit, Louise Bourgault

Third Annual Drawing and Painting Exhibition at Lore Degenstein Gallery, Louise Bourgault

Walker L. Cisler College of Business Outstanding Teacher Award, Louise Bourgault

Dissertation of Note, Dwight Brady

Michigan''s Green Energy Economy, Dwight Brady

Compleat Female Stage Beauty, Ansley Valentine

Early Career Travel Award, Ansley Valentine


Beyond Green Exhibition Programming, Louise Bourgault

Faculty Grant, Louise Bourgault

General Assessment Survey for the DeVos Art Museum's Permanent Collection, Louise Bourgault

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Donor/Acceptor Molecules Based on Propellanes: A Probe of Nonclassical Conjugation, Louise Bourgault

NMU TLAC Conference Grant, Jessica Thompson

Journal Articles

On Seeing Places for What they Are and not what We Want Them to Be, James G. Cantrill Dr.

Using critical discourse anlaysis to understand power, personal agency, and accountability in the Stanford Rape Case, Sara Potter


NMU Dance Concert Video, Mark Shevy

Other Presentations

Lecture on Acting, Paul Truckey