Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts should:

  1. Clearly state the central research question and/or purpose of the project.
  2. Provide brief, relevant scholarly or research context that demonstrate its attempt to make a unique contribution to the field.
  3. Provide a brief description of the methodology.
  4. Abstracts for visual art should be a brief artist's statement.
  5. State conclusions or expected results and the context in which they will be discussed.
  6. Include text only (no images or graphics)
  7. Be well-written and well-organized.

Other formatting guidelines:

  1. References are allowed within abstracts, but not required.
  2. The form will not process all formatting and special characters (e.g., scientific symbols). Use plain text format for your abstract. (Paste your abstract into notepad to remove formatting then copy and paste from there into the submission form.)
  3. Abstract word limit is 250 words.

Contact your mentor or NMU Writing Center for help to write an effective abstract.