Development of an Assay for the Rapid Detection of HIV, Matthew J. Jennings

Implementation of Nucleic Acid Based Laboratory Component into CLS 214 Diagnostic Microbiology, Matthew J. Jennings

Conference Presentations

Do “Oxidized Lipid Assays” Add to Risk Prediction in Unselected Patients Being Evaluated for Possible Coronary Artery Disease?, kevin Foley

Curriculum Development: Multi-program Options in a Single Department, Linda Riipi


Sasawin Project, Helen Kahn

Journal Articles

Indole-TEMPO conjugates alleviate ischemia-reperfusion injury via attenuation of oxidative stress and preservation of mitochondrial function, B. Wei, Y. Bi, X. Gao, P. Li, S. Hou, Y. Zhang, Catherine Bammert, S. Jockush, T. LeGalley, M. Gibson, and L. Bi

Poster Sessions

A Rapid Colorimetric Peptide Nucleic Acid Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay for the Detection of the IDH1 Mutation in Glioblastoma, E. Raack, Matthew Jennings, R. Belton, J. Lawrence, C. McMahon, R. Winn, and P. Mann