Fulbright Research Chair, Department of Rural Economy, University of Alberta, Michael Broadway



The Empire Mine Layoff and Economic Future of the West End and Marquette County, Michael Broadway and O. Engelhardt

Alternative biogeographies of the global garden, Susy Ziegler, Dwight Brown, and Phillip Gersmehl

Landscapes of Minnesota--a geography, Susy Ziegler and John F. Hart

Book Sections/Chapters

The price of a good steak - beef packing and its consequences for Garden City, Kansas, Michael Broadway

Exploring Migration through Popular Media and Fieldwork, C. Korson and Weronika Kusek


A previously unrecognized path of early Holocene base flow and elevated discharge from Lake Minong to Lake Chippewa across eastern Upper Michigan, Walter L. Loope, Harry M. Jol, Timothy G. Fisher, William L. Blewett, Henry M. Loope, and Robert J. Legg

White Pine in Southwestern Wisconsin: Stability and Change at Different Scales, Susy Ziegler

Embedded Scales in Biogeography, Susy Ziegler, Gary Pereria, and Dwight Brown

Conference Papers in Published Proceedings

Canada: Too Much Geography?, Michael Broadway

Meatpacking and Mexicans on the High Plains: From Minority to Majority in Garden City, Kansas, Michael Broadway

Putting Place on a Plate: An Analysis of Restaurants along the West Cork Food Trail, Michael Broadway

Conference Presentations

Archaeological Site Location Modeling and Survey, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore., John Anderton

Geoarchaeological Investigations in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan, USA, John Anderton

Using Paleoshoreline Mapping and Site Location Modeling in the Northern Great Lakes: Geoarchaeological Approaches to Prehistoric Archaeological Survey in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, John Anderton

"Cultural Resources Survey Using GIS Modeling of Geoarchaeological Contexts in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, John Ba Anderton, Robert J. Legg, and Robert Regis

"Geoarchaeological Approaches to Site Location Modeling and Archaeological Survey, Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore, Michigan, USA" , John Anderton and Robert J. Legg

"Geoarchaeological Investigations in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan, USA" , John Anderton, Robert J. Legg, Robert Regis, T Weesen, and C Kitzman

Common inheritances in the evolution of emotions., Paul Andronis

Evolutionary theory and the analysis of animal behavior: some implications and applications., Paul Andronis

Evolution of emotions and emotional behavior, Paul Andronis

Headbanging by pigeons: Il. A systematic replication and extension of an animal model of psychopathology., Paul Andronis

Toward useful baselines for the open-field test., Paul Andronis

"Temporal Land Use Analysis of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore" , J Cislo, Robert J. Legg, and John Anderton

When the Gales of November Come Early: Buoys, Storms, and Coastal Communities, Norma J. Froelich, J. Lenters, and Superior Buoys Partners

"Spatial Distribution and Habitat Modeling of Pitchers Thistle in the Grand Sable Dunes at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan." , K Hardenbrook and Robert J. Legg

"Development of a Predictive Archaeological Model for Early Medieval Irish Settlements in the Blackwater Valley County Meath" , Robert J. Legg

"Environmental Influences on the Distribution of Ringforts in Ireland" , Robert J. Legg

:"Landscapes of conflict, a Geographers Experience in Israel" , Robert J. Legg

"Predictive Modeling of Ringforts: Examining the Possible Influence of Climate on Settlement in Early Medieval Ireland" , Robert J. Legg

Current and future direction of Undergraduate GIS curriculum in the USA, Robert J. Legg PhD

Renaming a geography department to increase visibility and perceived scope, strategies and outcomes, Robert J. Legg PhD

"A Contested Landscape in the Northern Great Lakes: Geospatial Approaches to Cultural Resource Survey on the Yellow Dog Plains in Michigan's Upper Peninsula" , Robert J. Legg and John Anderton

"Ground Penetrating Radar of Archeological Sites on Grand Isle, Michigan" , Robert J. Legg and John Anderton

"Geographically Weighted Regression: Marquette Real Estate" , Robert J. Legg and T Bowe

"Housing Patterns in Small Town America: An Exploration of Spatial Analysis Methods: a Case Study Involving Marquette Michigan" , Robert J. Legg and T Bowe

"Report on Establishing a Sister University with the Mbrarara University of Science and Technology" , Robert J. Legg and Neil Cumberlidge

"Comparison of Spatial Modeling for Climate Inputs in the Mediterranean Region Using Limited Data" , Robert J. Legg and N Diodato

"Holocene Due Stabilization in Interior Eastern Upper Michigan" , W L. Loope, R J. Goble, T G. Fisher, H M. Jol, H M. Loope, D A. Wysocki, and Robert J. Legg

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"Use of OSL, GPR, and GIS to Constrain Hypothetical Behavior of Lake Minong's Water Plane and Paths of Melt Water Discharge Across Eastern Upper Michigan, USA" , W L. Loope, H M. Jol, T G. Fisher, R J. Goble, H M. Loope, and Robert J. Legg

"Massive Dune Building in Interior Eastern Upper Michigan USA is Temporarily Correlated with the Hydrologic Closure of the Upper Great Lakes and Spatially Confined Below 245 M ASL" , W L. Loope, H M. Loope, R J. Goble, T G. Fisher, D E. Lytle, Robert J. Legg, and D A. Wysocki

Saving the Earth with the Power of the Sun: Solar Energy Advocacy in the US since the 1950s, Sarah Mittlefehldt

The Politics of Green Energy: What History Can Teach Us About the Cultural & Political Challenges of Developing Renewable Energy Technologies, Sarah Mittlefehldt

Migration of Stamp Sands (Copper Mining Tailings) at Grand Traverse Bay, MI, Robert Regis

Reworked Drumlins in the Menominee Field, Robert Regis

Tunnel Channels in the Lake Superior Region, Robert Regis

Intercomparison of offshore weather buoys: an analysis of weather and wave data collection equipment, H. Roth, Norma J. Froelich, and J. Lenters

"Wind Turbines: A preliminary Site Location Assessment of an Offshore Wind Farm in Lake Superior" , C Timmons and Robert J. Legg

Vegetation Dynamics of Boreal Forests in Norway and Sweden, Susy Ziegler


Young Wildcat Scholars, John Anderton

The Empire Mine Layoff and Economic Future of the West End and Marquette County, Michael Broadway

Lake Superior Coastal Observing System Enhancement Project, Norma J. Froelich, J. Lenters, C. Lindquist, and S. Ziegler

Journal Articles

Geoarchaeological Approaches to Site Location Modeling and Archaeological Survey in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan, John B. Anderton, Robert J. Legg, and Robert R. Regis


A Comparison of Patterns of Urban Deprivation between Canadian and U.S. Cities, Michael Broadway


Alberta Bound: Canada's Beef Industry, Michael Broadway


Are Canadian inner cities becoming more dissimilar? An analysis of urban deprivation indicators, Michael Broadway


Green dreams: promoting urban agriculture and the availability of locally produced food in the vancouver metropolitan area, Michael Broadway


“I'll do whatever you want, but it hurts”: Worker Safety and Community Health in Modern Meatpacking, Michael Broadway


Indochinese Refugee Settlement Patterns in Garden City, Kansas, Michael Broadway


Mega-barns spell end to family farm, Michael Broadway


Planning for change in small towns or trying to avoid the slaughterhouse blues, Michael Broadway

Putting Place on a Plate Along the West Cork Food Trail, Michael Broadway


Recent changes in the structure and location of the US meatpacking industry, Michael Broadway


The British Slaughtering Industry: A Dying Business?, Michael Broadway

The impact of BSE on Alberta: the view from cattle country and Edmonton, Michael Broadway

The persistence of urban deprivation: the example of Wichita, Kansas, in the 1970s, Michael Broadway


The World “Meats” Canada: Meatpacking's Role in the Cultural Transformation of Brooks, Alberta, Michael Broadway


Urban tourist development in the nineteenth century Canadian city, Michael Broadway


"We Come To The Garden" . . . Again: Garden City, Kansas, 1990-2000, Michael Broadway

Trends of carbon, water, and energy fluxes over a mixed temperate–boreal transition forest in southern Ontario, Canada, Norma Froelich

Radiation contributed more than temperature to increased decadal autumn and annual carbon uptake of two eastern North America mature forests, A. Gonsamo, H. Croft, J. M. Chen, C. Wu, Norma Froelich, and R. M. Staebler

How do Polish immigrants in London reinforce local communities and influence the local economy?, Weronika Kusek


Using paleoshoreline and site location modeling in the northern great lakes: Geoarchaeological approaches to prehistoric archaeological survey in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Robert J. Legg and John B. Anderton

Geoarchaeological modeling of late Paleoindian site locations in the northwestern great lakes, Robert J. Legg PhD, R. Regis, J. Lambert, M. Liesch, and C. Travis


Geoarchaeological Modeling of Late Paleoindian Site Location in the Northwestern Great Lakes Region, Robert J. Legg, Robert R. Regis, John M. Lambert, Matthew Liesch, and Charles B. Travis


Use of Business-Naming Practices to Delineate Vernacular Regions: A Michigan Example, Rob J. Legg, Matthew Liesch, Linda M. Dunklee, Anthony D. Fieg, and Austin J. Krause


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Benefit or Burden?: Environmental Justice and Community Scale Biomass Energy Systems in Vermont, Sarah Mittlefehldt


Seeing Forests as Fuel: How Conflicting Narratives have shaped Woody Biomass Energy Development in the US since the 1970s, Sarah Mittlefehldt


The Peoples Path: Conflict and Cooperation in the Acquisition of the Appalachian Trail, Sarah Mittlefehldt


Wood Waste and Race: The Industrialization of Biomass Energy Technologies and Environmental Justice, Sarah Mittlefehldt


New Methods for Assessing the Sustainability of Wood-burning Energy Facilities, Sarah Mittlefehldt, Erin Bunting, Emily Huff, Joseph Welsh, and Robert Goodwin


Local Regulatory Protection for Ecosystem Services: A Case Study from the Karst Region of Southeast Minnesota, USA, Mary A. Williams and Susy Ziegler


A Comparison of Structural Characteristics between Old-Growth and Second-Growth Hemlock-Hardwood Forests in Adirondack Park, New York, Susy Ziegler


Composition, Structure, and Disturbance History of Old-Growth and Second-Growth Forests in Adirondack Park, New York, Susy Ziegler

Disturbance regimes of hemlock-dominated old-growth forests in northern New York, U.S.A., Susy Ziegler


Environment, Culture, and the Great Lakes Fisheries, Susy Ziegler


Postfire Succession in an Adirondack Forest, Susy Ziegler


Relict Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus L.) Stands in Southwestern Wisconsin, Susy Ziegler

The Past and Future of the White Pine Forest in the Great Lakes Region, Susy Ziegler


Teaching Geography with 3-D Visualization Technology, Susy Ziegler and Peter Anthamatten


Migration in Minnesota, Susy Ziegler and John Hart


Tree Recruitment during Dry Spells at an Oak Savanna in Minnesota, Susy Ziegler, Evan R. Larsen, Julia Rauchfauss, and Grant P. Elliott

Dendroecological Analysis of Spruce Budworm Outbreaks and Their Relation to Climate near the Prairie–Forest Border in Northwestern Minnesota., Susy Ziegler, Julia Rauchfuss, James H. Speer, and Nathan W. Siegert


Woodland-to-Forest Transition during Prolonged Drought in Minnesota after ca. AD 1300, Susy Ziegler, Bryan Schuman, Anna K. Henderson, Colin Plank, and Ivanka Stefanova


Landscape Planning and Land-Use Policy to Conserve Resources in Southeastern Minnesota, Susy Ziegler and Mary A. Williams



Sustainability Survey report, Sarah Mittlefehldt, J L. Thompson, Rachel Headings, and Ella Skrocki

Other Presentations

Coffeehouses and the Art of Social Engagement: An Analysis of Portland Coffeehouses, Michael Broadway