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Susan Goodrich

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Languages, Literatures, and International Studies

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"Brazilianizing the Curruiculum: Integrating Online Authentic Cultural Resources into Language Coursework" The "laptop usage" I describe for this TEACHING IMPROVEMENT project refers specifically to a sustained reliance on the integration and development of web-based authentic cultural materials across multiple disciplines to enhance second language acquisition and intercultural comprehension in an accelerated Portuguese language classroom. [...] A primary function of the internet interactions I have designed is to enhance the students? use of linguistic patterns native to Brazilian Portuguese (especially pronunciation, word order and colloquial vocabulary development). Equally important is the practice?s ability to link the language study to a living culture that produces cultural artifacts (such as art, music and food influenced by centuries of multicultural interactions), to introduce cultural customs that influence language use (such as formality registers tied to social hierarchies based on class, race, profession, appearance and age), and to define how Brazil interacts on a global stage in economics, politics, business and other current events.


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