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Seven professors receive accolades On Dec. 6, seven NMU professors were honored at the Celebration of Scholars ceremony for their creative activities, teaching and innovative use of technology in the classroom and beyond. "I am truly ecstatic I won the award because I am committed to community outreach and excellence in online learning," said Judith Puncochar. Three kinds of awards were given at the ceremony, the Excellence in Scholarship Award, the TLC Award for exemplary use of notebook computers, and the Excellence in Teaching award. Louise Bourgault and Michael Loukinen won the Excellence in Scholarship Award for their research. Bourgault specializes in African media and popular culture responses to the AIDS epidemic. She has also written two books and produced two documentaries. Loukinen works with documentaries focusing on ethnic groups such as Finnish Americans and Native American tribes. Robert Goodrich, Judith Puncochar and the late Susan Goodrich won the TLC Award for their incorporation of the laptop computers in the classroom and beyond. Susan Goodrich was able to bring the culture of Brazil to her classes by using the Internet. Robert Goodrich created a Web site for the Vienna summer study-abroad program and Puncochar used the Internet to help bring the UNITED conference to any person through three NMU courses. Charles Ganzert and Joseph Lubig won the Excellence in Teaching Award. Ganzert is the academic adviser for WUPX-FM. Lubig has been a leader in the School of Education accreditation efforts and has created relationships with Northern and the community.


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