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Derek Anderson

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School of Education, Leadership, and Public Service

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The Young Wildcat Scholars Program will engage a diverse 6th grade population with the ?high-touch, high-tech, high-quality? experience Northern Michigan University is so proud of. While increasing access to higher Education opportunities for minority populations, the Young Wildcat Scholars Program will allow NMU to use its most valuable marketing tool, exceptional people, in its vision to ?increase the number of students and employees from under-represented and nontraditional groups.? Utilizing the capacity of NMU, the Young Wildcat Scholars Program will develop a long-term academic relationship with minority students connect charter school students? secondary Education with post-secondary opportunities and expectations. The significant Hispanic, Native American, African American, and Asian populations our charter schools represent will allow this collaborative project to ?put into action a commitment to diversity? as we look long-term at increasing the racial and ethnic diversity on our campus which currently stands at seven percent (7%).


NMU Innovation Fund (2009), $10,000

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