Expanding Our Definitions of 21st Century Writing Instruction: Online Conferencing, Academic Service Learning, and Writing/Education

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The benefits of having college students engage in academic service learning activities to create rich, meaningful connections to course standards in composition are well documented (Jacoby and Associates, 1997; Deans, 2000; Johnson, 2010). And although some research has been done on academic service learning and on online components, little research has been completed on the use of computer conferencing as a part of writing teacher education. Hewitt (2010) argues that we need "deeply descriptive, yet reflective research into instructional commentary and revision that occurs in both asynchronous and synchronous settings." This presentation examined how faculty in both English Education and College Composition are integrating online conferences as part of academic service learning projects to broaden students' opportunities for real world writing, reaching out to diverse publics through virtual communication.


Conference on College Composition and Communication, Annual Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 13-16, 2013.

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