Multidisciplinary Study of William Blake


Jane Campbell

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School of Nursing

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PDA's are currently used in many health care settings and implications for their use in undergraduate nursing programs are becoming more evident. The use and familiarity with PDAs must begin early in Educational programs to prepare the next generation of nurisng students to deliver quality care. However, before becoming a prerequisite of a newly revised curriculum, a baseline of usefulness and perceived ease of use should be established. The baseline data would be beneficial in efforts to plan training programs for both faculty and students for the integration of the PDA so baccalaureate nursing students will receive the benefit of this technology in the classroom and clinical setting. The purpose of the study is to explore students' perceptions of PDA use within the first two years of their academic preparation in a newly revised curriculum. This study may be used to promote an understanding if it would be beneficial to require future nursing students in the program to purchase PDAs as a required Educational tool. The study will reflect two of the Research Priorities in Nursing Education approved in 2008 by the National League for Nursing (NLN) Board of Governors. In the category of Innovations in Nursing Education: Creating Reform, the study will incorporate the "use of instructional technology, including new approaches to laboratory/simulated learning", in addition to "best practices in schooling, teaching and learning", the second identified priority.


College of Professional Studies (2010-2012), $2,200

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