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The grant is aimed at including the freshwater crabs in the Sampled Red List Index (SRLI) project for the first time. A large part of the grant will be used to employ NMU students who will be involved in the databasing part of the project which has a global approach. This project uses the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of endangered species to create a species-based indicator that has been adopted by the Convention of Biological Diversity to measure its target of reducing the current rate of biodiversity loss by 2010. The SRLI is the first global biodiversity indicator of its kind to incorporate invertebrate species. By carrying out conservation assessments on a representative sample of species from selected invertebrate taxonomic groups, it will be possible to comment on the current status of invertebrate biodiversity, and, in the future, on their trends in extinction risk. The methods of the SRLI have been developed since 2004 and are outlined in the IUCN Red List Index Guidelines for the Sampled Approach.


Zoological Society of London (2006-2007), $20,000

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