Gravimetric survey of Buried Bedrock Valleys


John Ejnik

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Project Description The objective of this project is to establish a baseline of water quality parameters within Rivers on the Yellow Dog Plains. An independent analytical laboratory and environmental consultants have prepared the work plan. Lab scientist will conduct the field sampling. All field and laboratory techniques will strictly follow US environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sampling and chain of custody protocols so that the data can be compared to other similarly collected data from past and future studies. The proposed work plan will provide information valuable in monitoring any changes in the water quality over the next few years from the rivers selected for testing. Fifteen locations of the water sampling are to be monitored on three river basins. Two sites on the Yellow Dog River will be monitored, eleven sites on the Salmon Trout River basin will be monitored and one site on the Cedar River basin will be monitored. Testing will be performed every month at various sites. The testing is outlined in Table 2. The locations will be documented using a hand-held GPS unit coordinates (decimal degrees). Water samples will be collected at sites for several water quality parameters listed in Table 3 & 4. Field measurements of pH, specific conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO), and temperature will be measured at each site using calibrated field instruments. Each river will have at least one stream gauge and flow measurement following MDEQ protocol (GLEAS Procedure #77) at sampling sites.


Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve (2004-2006), $50,000

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