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The NMU Faculty Research Grant has facilitated the completion of a two-year project titled "Vanishing Horizons." The project involved researching, photographing and installing exhibitions of images of the abandoned mining sites throughout the Upper Peninsula. All the photographs were made using hand-built zone plate and pinhole cameras. Large color murals made with a panoramic pinhole camera underscore the visual appearance of broad landscapes from an industrial era that has swirled out of existence. The zone plate camera floats the remnants and relics of the mining machinery in circular frames surrounded by black to emphasize the sensation of gazing through a tunnel of time. Much of the film processing and all of the print making was completed in the School of Art and Design Photography and Computer Art Laboratories. A portion of the installation remains on exhibition at the Beaumier Heritage Center in the Cohodas Building on Northern Michigan University's campus for the fall 2008 semester.


Northern Michigan University (2008), $7,000

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