Brighter Futures Grant - Good Books for Everyone: English 110 and Teaching Family Homes


Susan Goodrich

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Languages, Literatures, and International Studies

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This project seeks to develop a 4-credit FLSA that teaches students about Spain through a study of its pre-eminent feminine authors and figures. The upper-division course integrates a home portion with a 3-week onsite location and substantial reading and research assignments. Beginning in the 15th century and finishing in the late 20th century, the course covers historical figures such as Isabel la Catolica (of the Catholic Kings), literary figures such as Don Quixote?s ?lady? Dulcinea, and intellectuals such as Catalan author Merce Rodoreda, who covered the Spanish Civil war from Barcelona, in her 1962 masterwork La plaza del Diamante. In order to develop itineraries that feature the best locations (both settings for important historical and fictional events as well as places essential to understanding the lives of the women under study), I will visit several cities and towns in Spain that figure prominently in the stud . I will be in Spain for a conference in June (my funding) and am requesting only local transportation and living support for two weeks.


Faculty Grants Committee /Vice President of Academic Affairs (2008-2009), $3,000

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