2006-2007 Excellence in Professional Development Award.

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Dr. Neil Cumberlidge is an active scholar with an outstanding publication record that includes a book-length monograph, book chapters, over 70 publications in international peer-reviewed journals, another 30 articles in in-house publications, 30 encyclopedia articles, plus newspaper and magazine articles, and book reviews. He has described more than 30 new species and 7 new genera of freshwater crabs, and he has been instrumental in initiating the first-ever molecular phylogenetic studies of these crustaceans. He has been invited to review for journals and grant-awarding agencies, serve on Ph.D. committees, present at conferences, co-author grant applications, and contribute to conservation projects. Since coming to NMU Dr. Cumberlidge has developed an international reputation as the leading specialist in Afrotropical freshwater crab Life Sciences: Biology, general. This is reflected in collaborations with specialists in the world?s major natural history museums and in well-known research laboratories in the USA, Europe, and Africa. Dr. Cumberlidge in now working with leading agencies (WWF, IUCN) to contribute to international conservation initiatives aimed at identifying endangered species and at conserving biodiversity. Finally, Dr. Cumberlidge has been keen to involve undergraduate and graduate students in his research activities, as evidenced by the number of freshman fellows mentored, directed studies supervised, MS theses completed, and student-authored publications.


Northern Michigan University

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