Honorable Mention: 27th Annual No Big Heads Exhibition


Adam Prus

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Conference Paper in Published Proceedings


Psychological Sciences

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This up-to-date new text provides an introductory overview of the nervous system actions and behavioral effects of the major classes of psychoactive drugs. Appropriate for undergraduate students who have an introductory level background in psychology or other areas within the social sciences, AN INTRODUCTION TO DRUGS AND THE NEUROSCIENCE OF BEHAVIOR illustrates concepts and highlights research techniques. The book's most important feature is its pedagogical elements, which are not found in other psychopharmacology texts, but are particularly important for making this specialized topic approachable for undergraduates. Charts and diagrams illustrate basic concepts and processes important for understanding the actions and effects of psychoactive drugs. Chapters include frequent "Stop and Check" questions that allow students to check their understanding of the material. Timely reminders of previous material appear in the margins, helping students more effectively learn concepts that are dependent upon key points covered in earlier chapters. Finally, each chapter ends with a "From Actions to Effects" section that ties together material presented in the chapter, helping students see the big picture as well as the important connections among concepts and topics.

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