Title of Award

2019-2020 Northern Michigan University's Excellence in Scholarship Award

Recipient's Department

Walker L. Cisler College of Business

Document Type


Year of Award


Awarding Organization

Northern Michigan University

Reason for Award

Excellence in Scholarship Awards

A University-wide award

Purpose: To recognize the excellence in scholarship of Northern Michigan University faculty, the Office of Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, working with the Faculty Grants Subcommittee, announces the Excellence in Scholarship Award.

Eligibility: Faculty (including department heads) who are currently on full-time, continuing, or active status, and have been members of the Northern Michigan University faculty for at least three (3) years at the time of the award. Prior recipients may be nominated five (5) years after receiving this award.

Criteria: Applicants will be evaluated based on excellence in research, scholarship and creative activities. Examples by which the nominees will be evaluated include: research, scholarship and/or creative activities as demonstrated by the dissemination of new knowledge and/or the application/integration of knowledge, techniques, or modes of expression in books, professional journals or other publications; presentations at professional meetings, formal exhibitions, performances, and recitals that are subject to peer review and selection processes. Special consideration will be given to nominees who involve students in their research, scholarship and creative activities.

Selection: All nominations will be reviewed by a Selection Advisory Committee chaired by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and composed of the Academic Deans along with two members of the Faculty Grants Committee.

Recognition: Recipients of the NMU Excellence in Scholarship Award will be recognized at the December Celebration of Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship.

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