Submissions from 2019


The role of muons in semiconductor research (Ch 5), Patrick W. Mengyan

Submissions from 2017

Neural mechanisms of emotions and affect, J. Aday, W. Rizer, and Joshua M. Carlson

Capacity building pedagogy for diverse learners, S. Bohjanen, Abby Cameron-Standerford, and T. Meidl

Sport as public relations, K. Brown and Thomas Isaacson

Victims ‘in’ and Protectors ‘of’ Appalachia: Place and the Common Topic of Protection in Missing Mountains: We Went to the Mountaintop, but It Wasn’t There, James G. Cantrill Dr. and J. Ewalt

Hector in the Redwoods, Matthew Gavin Frank

Peter Weir, Jozef Haltof

God's Early Church, Austin Hummell

Exploring Migration through Popular Media and Fieldwork, C. Korson and Weronika Kusek

Praxis-based environmental communication training: Innovative activities for problem solving, B. McGreavy, C. G. Druschke, L. Sprain, Jessica L. Thompson, and L. Lindenfield

Translational Value of Drug Discrimination with Typical and Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs, J. Porter, K. Webster, and Adam J. Prus


Translational Value of Drug Discrimination with Typical and Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs, Joseph H. Prus, Kevin Webster, and Adam J. Prus

Submissions from 2016


Toward a Framework for Reading Lived Experiences as Texts: A Four-Year Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices, Abby Cameron-Standerford, Christi U. Edge, and Bethney M. Bergh

Global diversity and conservation of freshwater crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura), Neil Cumberlidge

Concluding remarks about freshwater decapod conservation, Neil Cumberlidge and T Kawai

Hearing the Heartbeat: Environmental Cultural Values Found in the Lyrics of Native Songwriters, April Lindala and Samantha Hasek


The Discriminative Stimulus Properties of Drugs Used to Treat Depression and Anxiety, Adam J. Prus and Joseph H. Porter


Striving for Academic Service Learning Success in a Rural K-12 Tribal School, Judith Puncochar

Conservation First: Strategic planning to save the critically endangered Singapore freshwater crab, Johora singaporensis (Brachyura: Decapoda: Potamidae), DCJ Yeo, S. Luz, C Yixiong, Neil Cumberlidge, PJK McGowan, DJJ Ng, R. Raghavan, and GWH Davison

Submissions from 2015

Beneath the Umbrellas of Benevolent Men: Validating the Middle-Class Woman in Little Women and Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, Sandra Burr

Social Science Dimensions of Environmental Communication Research, James G. Cantrill Dr.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility: Rio Tinto, James G. Cantrill Dr.


Arabian Peninsula Report, Neil Cumberlidge

Class Malacostraca, Order Decapoda , Neil Cumberlidge, H. H. Hobbs, and D. M. Lodge

Death By Chocolate, Matthew Gavin Frank

Parts of a Feather, Matthew Gavin Frank

Targeting DNA Repair Mechanisms to Treat Glioblastoma, Johnathan Lawrence, Cathy E. Bammert, Robert J. Belton Jr, Richard A. Rovin, and Robert J. Winn

Submissions from 2014


A Study of Virtuous and Vicious Anger, Zac Cogley

An overview of the Afrotropical freshwater crab fauna: Diversity, biogeography, and conservation (Brachyura, Potamoidea, Potamonautidae and Potamidae), Neil Cumberlidge

Freshwater decapod conservation: recent progress and future challenges, Neil Cumberlidge

Preface — freshwater decapod biology in the 21st Century, Neil Cumberlidge


Foreword to the International Edition, Don Faust and Judith Puncochar

After Self-Portrait with Beard, Matthew Gavin Frank

Anniversary Tajarin, Matthew Gavin Frank

A Prayer for the Spudnuts, As They Take to the Sky, Matthew Gavin Frank

Culinary School, Matthew Gavin Frank

Elegy for the Whitefish, Matthew Gavin Frank

Tajarin, Matthew Gavin Frank

The Mynah Bird Eats Hawaiian Shave Ice, Matthew Gavin Frank

The Revisionist Caprese Salad, Matthew Gavin Frank

Illustration NOW! 5, Steven E. Hughes


A previously unrecognized path of early Holocene base flow and elevated discharge from Lake Minong to Lake Chippewa across eastern Upper Michigan, Walter L. Loope, Harry M. Jol, Timothy G. Fisher, William L. Blewett, Henry M. Loope, and Robert J. Legg


Healthcare Information Systems: Opportunities and Challenges, Madison Ngafeeson


Foreword to Case Studies: Qualitative Research, Judith Puncochar


How to Create an Embedded Library Instruction Services (ELIS) Assignment., SaraJane Tompkins, Michael F. Strahan, and Judith Puncochar

Perceptual strategies under constrained movements on a zoomable haptic mobile device, Mounia Ziat, Eric Lecolinet, Olivier Gapenne, Gerard Mouret, and Charles Lenay

Submissions from 2013


Self-Love and Neighbor-Love in Kierkegaard's Ethics, Antony Aumann


The Three-Fold Significance of the Blaming Emotions, Zac Cogley

Submissions from 2012

Freshwater Invertebrates in Life , William Darwall, M Seddon, Viola Clausnitzer, and Neil Cumberlidge

Submissions from 2011


"Freshwater crabs of Africa: biodiversity, distribution, and conservation." , Neil Cumberlidge


"The status and distribution of freshwater crabs [Central Africa]" , Neil Cumberlidge

Threatened Freshwater Crabs , Neil Cumberlidge


"The status and distribution of freshwater crabs [Indo-Burma Region of Asia]" , Neil Cumberlidge, Peter KL NG, and Darren CJ Yeo

Submissions from 2010


Kierkegaard on Indirect Communication, the Crowd, and a Monstrous Illusion, Antony Aumann


"Diversity of Species in Freshwater Systems", E Balian, I Harrison, S Butchart, P Chambers, J Cordeiro, Neil Cumberlidge, F de Moor, C Gascon, H James, V Kalkman, P P. van Dijk, and D Yeo


"The status and distribution of freshwater crabs [Northern Africa]" , Neil Cumberlidge

A New Species of Potamonautes MacLeay, 1838, from Southwestern Ethiopia , Neil Cumberlidge and Kirstin S. Meyer

Submissions from 2009


"Freshwater Crabs and Shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda) of the Nile Basin" , Neil Cumberlidge


"The status and distribution of freshwater crabs [West Africa]" , Neil Cumberlidge

The Status and Distribution of Freshwater Crabs , Neil Cumberlidge and Savel Regan Daniels PhD

Systematics, Evolution, and Biogeography of the Freshwater Crabs, Neil Cumberlidge and PKL Ng

Defining the archaic in Northern Illinois, Scott J. Demel Ph.D.

Submissions from 2007

Feminist Studies in Western Sociology, Renxin Yang

Submissions from 2006


" Description des éspeces de crustacés collectées dans le nord-ouest de la Guinée" , Neil Cumberlidge


"Inventaire rapide des crustacés décapodes de la préfecture de Boké en Guinée" , Neil Cumberlidge

Submissions from 2005


A projection-type algorithm for pseudo-monotone non-Lipschitzian multivalued variational inequalities, Truong Q. Bao and Phan Q. Khanh

Submissions from 2004

Embedded Scales in Biogeography, Susy Ziegler, Gary Pereria, and Dwight Brown

Submissions from 1997

White Pine in Southwestern Wisconsin: Stability and Change at Different Scales, Susy Ziegler

Submissions from 1992

The price of a good steak - beef packing and its consequences for Garden City, Kansas, Michael Broadway

Submissions from 1980

Sociolinguistic Structure of Finnish America, Michael Loukinen

Submissions from 1914


Reluctant Revolutionaries: Finnish Iron Miners and the Failure of Radical Labor and Socialism on the Marquette iron Range, 1900-1914, Marcus C. Robyns CA