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34th International Conference on Biomechanics in Sport

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Tsukuba, Japan

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Conference Paper in Published Proceedings


School of Health and Human Performance


The Reactive Strength Index-Modified (RSlmod) is a reliable method of measuring the explosiveness of an athlete during a range of plyometric exercises. The purpose of the current study was to measure the between-limb differences in RSlmod across three different plyometric tasks. Eleven recreationally active participants performed countermovement jumps, stop jumps and single-leg jumps. The study found no significant differences in RSlmod between dominant and non-dominant limbs across all three tasks (p>0.05), but did find RSI,d to be higher in the stop jump than a countermovement jump and single leg stop jump for both dominant and non-dominant limbs. These findings show RSlmod may not be an indicator of limb asymmetry, but may be useful for the coach when looking to develop exPlosive performance in an athlete or performer.