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Connecting Globally and Giving Back: Using Video Conferencing and iClickers for Academic Service Learning

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Tampere, Finland

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Conference Presentation




This paper examines the best practices and lessons learned from implementing an academic service learning project based on an interactive video conference and using iClickers. Seventy students in an undergraduate World History class explored the rich history and culture of Syria by interacting with a Fulbright Scholar from that country. Inspired by the scholar’s emphasis on the human face of Syria rather than current political turmoil, the students initiated a fundraiser through UNICEF to benefit the innocent youth victims currently in refugee camps. Students expressed their opinions using iClickers and voted in true democratic fashion on every direction and step executed in the project. This paper analyzes the collected student responses (both quantitative/objective and qualitative/subjective) regarding the video conference itself, using iClickers for group decision making, and the academic service learning project overall.

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