Title of Grant

2016-2017 TLAC Conference Grant

Granting Organization

Northern Michigan University

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School of Education, Leadership, and Public Service


At the 2017 AERA Conference, my co-researchers (two NMU colleagues) and I will be presenting our research to an international audience of teacher educators through the S-STEP SIG. The title of our research presentation is: “Exploring Use of Multimodal Literacies in Academically Diverse Online Classrooms: Creating Opportunity, Access, and Ownership.” As a group of three teacher educators representing literacy, educational leadership, and special education, we conducted a self-study of our teacher education pedagogy in the online environment with the guiding question of: “How can we use multimodal literacies to re-see our practices and to empower others to construct and to communicate meaning?” Our purpose was to explore the “pedagogic potentials of multimodal literacy” (Walsh, 2009) by acting upon recent findings from our longitudinal, collaborative self-study into how we use and learn through visual literacy; acting on our findings, we sought to extend our line of inquiry and to more inclusively empower learners to negotiate and to make meaning through multimodal literacy practices (Eisner 1998; Langer, 2011).

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