Honduran Nurses’ Work-Related Rewards and Challenges: Implications for International Service Learning and Collaboration

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OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing

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Journal Article


School of Health and Human Performance


Honduras is a frequent destination for service-learning initiatives, including medical missions and study abroad programs. Much is known about how healthcare providers can prepare generally for medical missions and about how educators can prepare students for international immersion experiences, (i.e. study abroad programs) in countries such as Honduras. However, little is known specifically about the Honduran nurses with whom healthcare providers and students work. Yet such knowledge is important for developing collaborative partnerships between Honduran nurses and both study abroad and medical mission participants. In this article, the authors describe the current status of healthcare in Honduras and their study to learn about the work of Honduran nurses. They present their data analysis and findings, discuss Honduran nurses’ challenges and internal rewards, and offer implications and suggestions for future international service learning initiatives. They conclude that understanding the experiences, perceptions, and needs of nurses in international settings is critical for developing collaborative partnerships that meet the goals for all the members of the partnership.

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