New collections of freshwater crabs from northern Madagascar, with the description of a new species of Foza Reed & Cumberlidge, 2006 (Brachyura, Potamonautidae)

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European Journal of Taxonomy

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Journal Article




We report here on recent collections of freshwater crabs from Antsiranana Province, northern Madagascar. The specimens belong to three species, one of which is new to science and is described here. This raises the number of species of freshwater crabs found in Madagascar to 17. All are endemic to the island and all belong to the Afrotropical family Potamonautidae Bott, 1970. The new species is assigned to the genus Foza Reed & Cumberlidge, 2006, and is distinguished from the other three congeners by characters of the male first gonopod, sternum, carapace, and cheliped. The new species, Foza manonae n. sp., is compared to the other species in this genus, and an updated key is provided. The conservation status of the Malagasy freshwater crab fauna is summarized, and discussed in the light of new material reported on here belonging to two other species, Madagapotamon humberti Bott, 1965, and Foza ambohitra Cumberlidge & Meyer, 2009.

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