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Journal of Organizational Leadership & Business

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Walker L. Cisler College of Business


This paper compares the performance appraisal quality and feedback seeking of managers to that of non-managers. This study answers Ashford et al’s (2003) call for more research on the feedback seeking of managers, especially compared to non-managers. This study also extends work by Ashford and Tsui (1991) and Tsui et al’s (1995) on negative feedback seeking by examining the phenomenon among managers. Data were collected via survey from 355 employees of two parts of an international retail chain. Results indicate that managers receive lower quality feedback than non-managers, do not feel inhibited by the psychological and impression costs of feedback seeking, relative to non-managers, and seek feedback, more than non-managers do. This study helps us understand factors that may help us improve the feedback managers receive. This study is limited by use of a single question measure of managerial status and generalization will require sampling more broadly.