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Mega-barns spell end to family farm


Michael Broadway

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Edmonton Journal

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October 29

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Journal Article


Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences


Taiwan Sugar Corporation's proposed factory farm in Flagstaff County, southeast of Edmonton, would produce 150,000 hogs a year. It is the harbinger of an industrial form of agriculture that has already destroyed rural communities in the United States.

The U.S. experience with large hog factory farms provides a glimpse of Flagstaff County's future. Using mass production techniques, U.S. factory farms have successfully lowered production costs and in the process put small independent hog producers out of business.

In turn, the open market for hogs in the United States has been destroyed as most hogs are now grown under contract to agribusiness firms. At the same time, vast quantities of hog manure generated by these operations are stored in lagoons (the same system proposed for Flagstaff County).