Submissions from 2018


A space for collaborative leadership: Understanding the power of CEL., Kia Jane Richmond and Elsie L. Olan

Submissions from 2017

Come and Get Your Indian Education (Kinomaage), Marty Reinhardt

River Street Anthology, Marty Reinhardt, J. Sojourn, C. Wright, and T. Biron

NMU Dance Concert Video, Mark Shevy

Submissions from 2016


Sustainability Survey report, Sarah Mittlefehldt, J L. Thompson, Rachel Headings, and Ella Skrocki

Submissions from 2015


White Paper: Furthering Indonesian Higher Education through the Liberal Arts, A Chaedar Alwasilah PhD and Judith Puncochar

“Edward Deidrick.” Secret Self Vol. 1, by Darren Di Lieto of The Little Chimp Society, Steven E. Hughes

“Greenhouse.” Illozine 8, by James O’Brien, Steven E. Hughes

Self-Portrait with Skull, Steven E. Hughes

Takeout Surprise, Steven E. Hughes


Omura’s whales (Balaenoptera omurai) off Northwest Madagascar: genetics, coloration, acoustics and conservation needs [Data Set], Alec R. Lindsay, Salvatore Cerchio, Boris Androanantenaina, Melinda Rekdahl, Norbert Andrianarivelo, and Tahina Rasoloarijao


Conservation Strategy for the Singapore Freshwater Crab Johora Singaporensis, DJJ Ng, PJK McGowan, R Raghavan, Y Cai, N Cumberlidge, G Davison, S Luz, and DCJ Yeo

Submissions from 2014

AcrylicWorks - The Best of Acrylic Painting: Ideas and Techniques for Today’s Artists, Steven E. Hughes

Creative Quarterly: 100 Best Annual, Steven E. Hughes

Submissions from 2013


LibQUAL+ 2013 Survey Notebook, Association of Research Libraries


Emergent Public Discourse and the Constitutional Debate in Tunisia: A Critical Narrative Analysis, Nathaniel Greenberg

Submissions from 2010


Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Immigrants And Their Occupations As Seen In The 1910 Federal Census, Russel Magnaghi

Submissions from 1969

On Representation of Language in the Human Brain, H A. Whitaker