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School of Health and Human Performance

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Winter 1-8-2021


Trial of NewGait System to Alter Running Mechanics in High School Athlete: a Case Report


Running is a complex skill requiring synchronization from various neural centers, joints, and muscles. Progress has been made in understanding the biomechanics of running. By understanding the biomechanics of running, both therapists and runners are better able to observe the effect of forces placed on the joints and muscles involved, however translating these observations to changes in biomechanics within such a complex system is a major challenge for runners and therapists. Research centers and major clinical centers have the opportunity to work with 3D videos, augmented feedback, biofeedback, and robotics. These systems are often too expensive or too timely for smaller centers. Therefore, the purpose of the current case study is to introduce the cost-effective NewGait™ system and describe how it was successfully used to provide long term improvement in functional ankle joint mechanics, running and jumping mechanics for a female competitive athlete.