Submissions from 2017


Approaches to a History of Western Psychology, Isabella M. Ellya and Harry Whitaker

Submissions from 2016


Growing Institutional Research Relationships and External Funding at Predominately Undergraduate Institutions, Kristin-Ann G. Beck

Examination of CD133 and CD147 as Cancer Stem Cell Markers, Christopher McMahon, Johnathan Lawrence, Robert J. Belton Jr, and Robert J. Winn

The Synthesis and Efficacy of Artificial 3D Chitosan-Alginate Scaffolds for In Vitro Cell Culture, Nicholas A. Shortreed, Ivan Wiljanen, Johnathan Lawrence, and Robert J. Winn

Exploiting the Warburg Effect: Using CRISPR/Cas9 to Target Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Cell, Bridget Waas, Melanie Flaherty, Johnathan Lawrence, and Robert J. Belton Jr

Analysis of Tumor Specific Protein Expression in Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Tumors through Immunohistochemistry, Amanda M. Wigand, Johnathan Lawrence, Robert J. Winn, and Robert J. Belton Jr

Submissions from 2015

The Search for Regulatory DNA Controlling the Expression of Cuticle Protein Orthologs, Katie Brown and J Rebers


Isolation of Possible Biocontrol Endophytic Bacteria from Solanum tuberosum Effective Against Streptomyces scabies., Annie Flatley, Luke Ogle, Adam Noel, Erica Fraley, Alaxandra Goodman, and Donna Becker

Wolf-beaver Dynamics in Voyageurs National Park, Thomas D. Gable, Steve K. Windels, and John G. Bruggink


Effects of free versus scheduled feeding on shelter dogs exhibiting food-related aggression, Julie Lyle, Susan Kapla PhD, Stephanie da Silva PhD, and Megan Maxwell PhD


Use of Two Pathogen-inhibiting Streptomyces Isolates for Biocontrol of Scab Disease of Raphanus sativus, Tyler Park, Nichole Klingler, Adam Noel, Luke Ogle, Annie Flatley, and Donna Becker

ROLE OF BASIGIN-3 IN MMP EXPRESSION IN GBM, Samantha M. Wightman, Robert J. Belton Jr, Johnathan Lawrence, and Robert J. Winn

Submissions from 2014

Examining Educative Experiences: Critically Reading Teacher Education Practices in a Public Homeplace., Bethney M. Bergh, Christi U. Edge, and Abby Cameron-Standerford


Train-the-Trainer, Experiential Education (T2E2), Andrew Mills, Mitchell Klett PhD, and Carl Wozniak PhD

Effects of Timber Harvest on American Black Bear Space Use, D. Cody Norton, Jerrold L. Belant, Dean E. Beyer Jr, John G. Bruggink, and Nathan J. Svoboda

Potential Effects of Infanticide Risk on Female American Black Bear Space Use, D. Cody Norton, Jerrold L. Belant, Dean E. Beyer Jr, John G. Bruggink, and Nathan J. Svoboda

Preceptorship in an International Setting: Implications for Collaboration, Eileen Smit MSN, FNP-BC and Mary Jane Tremethick Ph.D., R.N. MCHES, FAAHE


No Two Can Be Alike, Harry Whitaker, Leah Piggott, Nicoletta Fraire, Emily DePetro, and Casey Pernaski