Portals to the Past: A Bibliographical and Resource Guide to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Russel Magnaghi

All According to God's Plan: Southern Baptist Missions and Race, 1945-1970, Alan Scot Willis

Book Reviews


Northern Border: History and Lore of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Beyond, In Honor of Russell Magnaghi, Kathryn Johnson

Religion of a Different Color: race and the Mormon struggle for whiteness, Alan Scot Willis

Conference Papers in Published Proceedings

“‘Mute Dogs, Unable to Bark’: Innocent III’s Call to Combat Heresy”, Keith H. Kendall

The Rise of Early Chicago Soccer, Gabe Logan

Maltese in Michigan, Joe Lubig

"The Agricultural Challenge at Mission San Diego, Russell mAGNAGHI

Danes and Icelanders in Michigan, Howard Nicholson and Russel Magnaghi

Abusing Hugh Davis, Alan Scot Willis

Conference Presentations


At-Risky Business: Empowering and Engaging At-Risk Youth Using a Wiki for Academic Service Learning, Kathryn Johnson


Connecting Globally and Giving Back: Using Video Conferencing and iClickers for Academic Service Learning, Kathryn Johnson

Role Playing the Cherokee Sovereignty Debate: Using RTTP's ‘Red Clay’ Materials, Kathryn Johnson


The Liminal Experience of 'Reacting To The Past': Faculty & TA Role Reversals, Kathryn Johnson

“Great Lakes Shipping and the Depression: A Coal Passer’s View”, Keith H. Kendall

“Justifying Papal Activism: Innocent III and Cur Deus Homo”, Keith H. Kendall

“What Was He Thinking? The Man Who Began the Inquisition”, Keith H. Kendall

Brief History of Islam, Keith H. Kendall

World Religions: Islam, Keith H. Kendall

Pilgrim's Progres in Chicago: Three Soccer Tours to the Second City 1905-19011, Gabe Logan

Bedsheets in the Peninsula: The Rise and Fall of the KKK in the UP, Russell Magnaghi

Michigan Ethnic History, An Overview, Russell Magnaghi

San Francisco 1906 - How to Recover without FEMA, Russell Magnaghi

The Agricultural Challenge at Mission San Diego, Russell Magnaghi

The Federal Government and the Upper Peninsula to 1840, Russell Magnaghi

Anatomy of a Strike: Community and Labor Solidarity in the 1946 Iron Miners’s Strike on the Marquette Iron Range, Marcus Robyns

Critical Thinking and Archival Research: Teaching Students the Value of Archives, Marcus Robyns

Institutional Functional Analysis of Archival Records: A Practical Application at Northern Michigan University, Marcus Robyns

Laboring with Labor: Founding a Specialized Archives at Northern Michigan University, Marcus Robyns

Reluctant Revolutionaries: Finnish Iron Miners and the Failure of Radical Labor on the Marquette Iron Range, 1900-1917, Marcus Robyns

The Northern Michigan University Electronic Records Management Pilot Project: An Alternative for Small College and University Archives, Marcus Robyns


"Competing ‘Isms’ among Post-War Southern Baptists" , Alan Willis


“Constructing Conservative Christian American Identity from (Mis)Constructed History” , Alan Willis


"In the Wake of Empire: Christian Expansionism and the Cold War" , Alan Willis

Putting Religion in the Cold War, Alan Willis


EdMedia 2014, Kathryn Johnson

Journal Articles

C’mon You Reds: The U.S.’s Communist Party’s Workers’ Soccer Association 1927-1935, Gabe Logan


Church–State Entanglements in Southern Baptist Post-War Juvenile Delinquency Programs, Alan Willis