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The aim of this study was to prospectively determine non-contact injury incidence and mechanisms among U.S. amateur women’s Rugby-7s. Non-contact injuries occurred frequently among the U.S. women population (26.5/1000ph; 29% of all injuries; n=167). The incidence of non-contact injuries occurred at similar rates among backs (58%, 23.9/1000ph, CI:19.1-29.6) and forwards (42%, 19.3/1000ph, CI:14.4-25.3; RR:1.04, p=0.816). Non-contact injuries resulted in 58.4 mean days absence from play. This study demonstrates a greater proportion of match injuries among U.S. amateur women Rugby-7 participants were related to non-contact mechanism when compared to International women participants. Therefore, U.S. women Rugby-7 players would benefit from prevention programs to minimize non-contact injury risks.