Decolonizing Diet Project Cookbook, April E. Lindala, Marty Reinhardt, and Leora Lancaster

Book Sections/Chapters

Hearing the Heartbeat: Environmental Cultural Values Found in the Lyrics of Native Songwriters, April Lindala and Samantha Hasek

Conference Papers in Published Proceedings

Listening to the Trees: Traditional Knowledge and Industrial Society in the American Northwoods, Aimee Cree Dunn

Conference Presentations

Manido Minesag [Spirit Seeds]: How Teaching Beadwork Opened a Door to Native America, April Lindala

Native, Mixed Race, Invisible Poetry, April Lindala

The Indigenous Narrator: Radio Announcers within Native Films, April Lindala

Middle School STEM Camp with Service and Culture, April E Lindala

Kinoomaadaa - Let's Learn from Each Other: Preserving Endangered Indigenous Languages Using Social Networks, Kenneth Pitawanakwat


Family Context of Rural Homelessness, April Lindala