Decolonizing Diet Project Cookbook, April E. Lindala, Marty Reinhardt, and Leora Lancaster

Book Sections/Chapters

Hearing the Heartbeat: Environmental Cultural Values Found in the Lyrics of Native Songwriters, April Lindala and Samantha Hasek

Conference Papers in Published Proceedings

Listening to the Trees: Traditional Knowledge and Industrial Society in the American Northwoods, Aimee Cree Dunn

Conference Presentations

Treaty Rights, Natural Resources & Sovereignty, D. Cornelius, J. Conaway, R. Morales, and Marty Reinhardt

Manido Minesag [Spirit Seeds]: How Teaching Beadwork Opened a Door to Native America, April Lindala

Native, Mixed Race, Invisible Poetry, April Lindala

The Indigenous Narrator: Radio Announcers within Native Films, April Lindala

Middle School STEM Camp with Service and Culture, April E Lindala

Kinoomaadaa - Let's Learn from Each Other: Preserving Endangered Indigenous Languages Using Social Networks, Kenneth Pitawanakwat

Playing with Our Food, Marty Reinhardt

Spirit Food: An Overview of the Decolonizing Diet Project, Marty Reinhardt

The Indigenous Identity of Food, Marty Reinhardt

The Shared Responsibility for American Indian Education, Marty Reinhardt

Treaties & Food Systems, Marty Reinhardt


Family Context of Rural Homelessness, April Lindala

National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition, Marty Reinhardt


Come and Get Your Indian Education (Kinomaage), Marty Reinhardt

River Street Anthology, Marty Reinhardt, J. Sojourn, C. Wright, and T. Biron

Poster Sessions

Decolonizing the Diet, Marty Reinhardt

Dignity, Equality, and Justice, Marty Reinhardt

Education Provisions in Treaties between the United States and American Indian Tribes, Marty Reinhardt

Spirit Food: An Overview of the Decolonizing Diet Project and the Native Infusion Re-think Your Drink Campaign, Marty Reinhardt and V. Segrest