Conference Presentations

Role of the Muon in Semiconductor Research, Patrick Mengyan

A first look at Anatase TiO2, Patrick W. Mengyan, J. Horn, R. Lichti, and J. Lord

Bounds on Torsion based on Lorentz Violation tests, Neil Russell

Data Tables for Lorentz and CPT Violation, Neil Russell

Lorentz Violation and Torsion, Neil Russell

Measuring Torsion, Neil Russell

Probing Relativity using Space-Based Experiments, Neil Russell

Refining Einstein: The Search for Relativity Violations, Neil Russell

Searches for Relativity Violations, Neil Russell

Tests of Lorentz symmetry using antihydrogen, Neil Russell

The Standard-Model Extension and Tests of Special Relativity, Neil Russell

Journal Articles


Dynamics of Heavy Carriers in the Ferromagnetic Superconductor UGe2, V G. Storchak, J H. Brewer, D G. Eshchenko, Patrick W. Mengyan, O E. Parfenov, and A M. Tokmachev

Extraction of the Neutron Electric Form Factor from Measurements of Inclusive Double Spin Asymmetries, V. Sulkosky and William Tireman


Barrier model in muon implantation and application to Lu2O3, R C. Vilao, R B L. Vieira, H V. Alberto, J M. Gil, A Weidinger, R L. Lichti, Patrick W. Mengyan, B B. Baker, and J S. Lord