Prioritization Theory and Defensive Foreign Policy: Systemic Vulnerabilities in International Politics, Hanna Kassab


Metaracism: Explaining the Persistence of Racial Inequality, Carter A. Wilson Dr.

Conference Papers in Published Proceedings

A Liberal-Pluralist Case for Truth Commissions: Lessons from Isaiah Berlin, Jonathan Allen

Conference Presentations

Politics and the Monistic Continuum, Jonathan Allen

Public/Public versus Public/Private- Which do City Managers Prefer?, Brian Cherry

City Council Decision Making and Performance, Brian Cherry and D. Ihrke

The Relationship Between Academic Administrators and University Outcomes, Brian Cherry, D. Ihrke, N. Grasse, and D. Kapla


Felony Disenfranchisement: A Literature Review, Carter A. Wilson Dr.


The Myth of American Exceptionalism, Carter A. Wilson Dr.

Journal Articles


Analysis of academic administrators’ attitudes: annual evaluations and factors that improve teaching, Brian Cherry, Nathan Grasse, Dale Kapla, and Brad Hamel

Perceptions of Privatization in Michigan, Brian Cherry, N. Grasse, and D. Ihrke

Analysis of Academic Administrators’ Attitudes: Annual Evaluations and Factors that Improve Teaching, Brian Cherry, N. Grasse, D. Kapla, and B. Hamel


Causes, processes, and effects of academic reorganization at public master’s universities in the United States, Brian Cherry and Brent Graves