Alan J. Rebertus


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Researcher Bio

Alan J. Rebertus


2005 New Science Facility


Louisiana State University, Ph.D. (Botany) 1988 University of Colorado, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow 1988-91

I am especially interested in the roles of disturbances (fire and wind) and large mammals on boreal community and landscape dynamics. My recent work has focused on the effects of [under] ground fires on carbon loss, plant mortality, and succession (VanDeMark, Meier); seasonal effects of fire on groundflora (McKenzie); tree-ring histories of Native American burning habits (B. Torretti); landscape perspective of moose browsing impacts on Isle Royale (Gorkiewicz); a long-term caribou exclosure experiment in Canada (Kingston, Jordan); and the influence of beaver impoundments and canals on peatlands (L. Torretti), fish communities, and aquatic plant succession (Ray & Ray). My other area of current research (in collaboration with NPS, Leutscher) concerns the biology and conservation of several endangered/threatened plant species of the Grand Sable Dunes, including calypso and ram’s head ladyslipper (Bozic) and Pitcher’s thistle (Hardenbrook)


PRIME, interdisciplinary, research