Shravan Rajagopal


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Researcher Bio

Shravan Rajagopal

Associate Professor
BFA University of Madras/Loyola College Chennai India
Attended NC State University
MFA Indiana University

Shravan Rajagopal’s work deals with questions regarding images, symbols, art and practices in Hinduism such as: What do Hindus see in the images of Gods? What is the purpose of such images and how are they understood? What is the nature of the divine image? How are images made and consecrated? Shravan’s project on the Hindu god Shiva titled “Cosmic Bliss: Static Principle: Shiva as Lingam and Kinetic principle: Cosmic Dance of Shiva” helps shed light on ‘seeing the divine’ by deconstructing the symbolism and mythic narratives embedded in the divine image. The work has been shown nationally and internationally in leading galleries. Professor Rajagopal is currently working on a project about the symbolism behind Hindu meditation diagrams called Yantras and the mnemonic rules of repetition, pattern and tonal accent in the oral tradition of the Vedas. The project is being done in collaboration with the Advaita Research Center in South India.


PRIME, interdisciplinary, research