Floating Willow Flowers, Renxin Yang

Light & Shadows: Conversations of the Soul, Renxin Yang

The Native Spirit, Renxin Yang

Book Sections/Chapters

Defining the archaic in Northern Illinois, Scott J. Demel Ph.D.

Sociolinguistic Structure of Finnish America, Michael Loukinen

Feminist Studies in Western Sociology, Renxin Yang

Book Reviews

Asian American Women and Men: Labor, Laws, and Love, Renxin Yang

Conference Papers in Published Proceedings

Manoomin (Wild Rice): Ojibwe Spirit Food., Michael Loukinen

Ojibwe Birch Bark Wigwam, Michael Loukinen

Conference Presentations

How the Effects of the Lagged Variables Can Produce Different Outcomes, Mikhail Balaev

Dementia Education for High School Students: Project Design and Evaluation, patricia cianciolo

U.S. Higher Education Institutions Accreditations, Yan Ciupak

Characteristics of Resilient Women, Carol Simpson

Ethics in Social Work Practice, Carol Simpson

Many Faces of Resiliency, Carol Simpson

Resiliency Among CSA Survivors, Carol Simpson

Resiliency Among Sexual Abuse Survivors, Carol Simpson

Resiliency Among Sexual Abuse Survivors, Carol Simpson

Resiliency Among Sexual Abuse Survivors, Carol Simpson

"Adolescent Relationship Education: Relationship Smarts Program Effect Change", Deanna Trella

In their Own Words: Addressing the Unique Needs of Disadvantaged Youth in Relationship Education Programs, Deanna Trella

Assimilation, Pluralism,Social Distance, and Globalization, Renxin Yang

Poetry and Social Sciences in Post-modern Era, Renxin Yang

The Impact of Economic Reform on Middle-Aged Women in China, Renxin Yang

The Social Transformations and Marriage/Family in China, Renxin Yang


Ojibwe Drum songs, Michael Loukinen

The John Robert Gregg Award in Business Education, Michael Loukinen


Exploring Health Promotion Needs and Removing Barriers for Marquette county Seniors, Michael Loukinen

Faculy Research Grant. Poetry Collection: The Native Spirit, Renxin Yang

Journal Articles


Cahokia Borrrow Pit 5-1A, Scott J. Demel Ph.D.

Skeletal Biology and Mortuary Practice at the Kubinski Site (11WI1186), a Middle Woodland Ossuary, Scott J. Demel Ph.D.

Three Rediscovered Clovis Points From The Field Museum Collections, Scott J. Demel Ph.D.

Power and Resistance: Homeless Men Negotiating Masculinity, Jeanne Lorentzen

Maintenance of ethnic culture in Finnish American communities, Michael Loukinen

Second Generation Finnish American Migration from the North woods to Detroit, 1920-1950, Michael Loukinen


Child Abuse Law and School Policy, Alan W. McEvoy


Routine Activities Theory Reconsidered: The Case of Inmate Gambling, Alan W. McEvoy


Between Traditionalism and Modernity: Changing Values on Dating Behavior and Mate Selection Criteria, Renxin Yang


Race, Status Attainment, and Depression: Intervening Effects of Consequential Life Events, Renxin Yang

Rational Choice in Uncertain Times: Coping with Marital/Family Fragmentation during Economic Reform, Renxin Yang


Impact of Globalization Forces on Family Relationships in China, Renxin Yang and Neal Arthur


Effects of Race and Adolescent Decision-Making on Status Attainment and Self-Esteem, Renxin Yang and Billy Blodgett


Race, alienation, and interpersonal mistrust, Renxin Yang and Alfred Demaris