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Master of Arts


Education, Leadership and Public Service

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Bethney Bergh


The study of group cohesion has brought forth meaningful insight into the interworking of groups in athletic sports teams, classrooms, adult couples, businesses, and military training groups. This study used a mixed quantitative and qualitative methods survey to examine the nature of group cohesion in relation to resident hall staffs located on the campus of Northern Michigan University. A quantitative assessment of group cohesion used in previous studies of group cohesion was modified and used in supplement to a series of nine extended response items. Through the research, seven themes which were consistent across the staffs were discovered. The discovered themes include (1) working toward a group identity, (2) interpersonal skills, (3) conflict resolution, (4) providing support, (5) modeling exemplary behavior, (6) the acceptance of differences and finding common ground, (7) and having meaningful goals. Relationships between the qualitative themes and quantitative levels of group cohesion reported are further discussed.

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