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Master of Science


Psychological Science


Psychological Science (MS)

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Sheila Burns


Numerous studies have been conducted on mental rotation ability in both males and females. A lot of the literature discusses male superiority in mental rotation task as opposed to females. This paper examined the role of stereotype threat in a mental rotation task. Particularly, the research study focused on gender stereotype threat in female college students. The study was completed in a two part design with students completing two mental rotation task in a group setting. The low numbers in the sample make it impossible to reliably say that the Vandenberg Mental Rotation Task (VMRT) and the Purdue Mental Rotation Task (Purdue) were measuring the exact same thing. There was a confound in part 2 of the study and we were unable to draw conclusions on the role of gender stereotype threat. However, the findings do suggest more support for the research on video game experience and mental rotation performance. The implications are discussed.

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