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Education Specialist

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Education Specialist


Education, Leadership and Public Service


Educational Administration: Administration and Supervision (MAE)

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Dr. Joe Lubig


Districts purchase assessments to inform teachers as to what students are learning and at which levels they are performing. Black and Wiliam (1998) told us that educators must understand the importance of feedback and student participation in the formative assessment process to enhance learning. Teachers can engage in formative practices to help close the gap between what students know and the learning objectives. This study used a quantitative survey to collect Michigan educators’ awareness of the use of formative assessment components in their classrooms, their skill for the use of these components, their perception of support for using these components, and their agreement with a proposed definition for formative assessment. Responses were used to identify trends between educator content areas, geographic region, and educator job duties. Although the response numbers were low, results from this study can assist with designing future work. Future work can have regional impact and focus on specific components designed to educator role for instance: building confidence in classroom teachers around the component of Extending Thinking During Discourse.

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