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Master of Arts




English (MA)

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Dr. Kia Richmond


Although Henry and Claire Lumens are twins, their high school lives couldn’t be more opposite. Henry enjoys sketching, looking at handsome boys, and reading about fantastical places, but his shy and pensive nature means he battles demons of his own every day in the gym locker room. Claire, however, loves the world she lives in, which is easy because she’s bossy, clever, and stunning. On their seventeenth birthday, their grandmother gives them a gift that will take them to a fantastical world. Despite their ignorance of the world’s existence, their grandmother insists it’s their birthplace, and the only way they can travel there is by going together. As Henry pushes to recreate himself in this world, Claire clings to the hope that she can still be successful and independent back at home. Their adventures challenge the identities they’ve created and test what they’re willing to make the other endure in an effort to obtain their own wishes. This story seeks to combine the genre of young adult literature with fantastical elements in hopes of expanding conversations on self-perception and identity acceptance.

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Open Access

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