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Master of Science





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Dr. Mark Paulsen


Antinuclear autoantibodies (ANAs) are present in all individuals. In those with autoimmune diseases they are routinely present in elevated levels. Although the nature and development of autoimmune diseases are not fully understood there are many hypotheses as to possible causes of an autoimmune disorder. One possible cause is viral infections. The scope of this thesis study was to examine if autoantibodies levels in individuals without autoimmune disorders increase during or after infection with influenza A virus. Blood was collected from volunteers (n=11) at time intervals of 0, 7, 42 and 63 days, respectively. Antibody levels were measured using ELISA assays and ANA levels were measured using immunofluorescence (IF) techniques. Results observed 45% of the volunteers had increased ANA titers and antibodies, 36% had no change of ANA titers and increased levels of antibodies, 9% had no change of ANA titers and decreased levels of antibodies, and also 9% had no change of ANA or antibody titers. There were no participants with decreased autoantibodies and antibodies.

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