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Master of Arts




English (MA)

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Patricia Killelea


This collection consists of modern free verse poetry left around town, captured with an instant camera using a capitalist lens and developed in the bottom of a purse. Sometimes found, sometimes torn down, sometimes scribbled, riddled, pickled, stickled, belittled, embrittled and initialed, sometimes made by mistake but always left hungry and up for debate.

In I Was Thinking Something In the Car, But now I forgot, the voice is your voice, only from over here, somewhere you’ve never been but could imagine if you tried. The voice speaks to the machine we’ve made together: the florescent, 24hr signs, press 3 for pharmacy hours, insert chip, menstrual obscenity, 2 day shipping, airbrushed, display products, interactive advertisement, liability clause, personal branding, disposable fashion, instant gratification.

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Open Access

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Poetry Commons