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Master of Science


Psychological Science


Psychological Science (MS)

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Dr. Mounia Ziat


This project looks at the extent to which musicians at varying stages of expertise are able to adapt to changes in motor movement (specifically the kinesthetic sense) while playing an instrument. Eight well-practiced and five beginning flute players were tested on playing a major scale on both a modified flute and a traditional flute. The modified flute had altered key positions so that the participants’ right hands were on the same side of the instrument as their left hands. The two modified conditions involved either playing the modified flute with the same fingers as one would play on a traditional flute (MOD1) or playing using the same keys one would use (MOD2). The traditional flute was played with standard hand positions and fingerings as a control (CTL). Results show no differences between the two groups, but do reveal differences between the two modified conditions with respect to the control condition across the ten scales.

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Open Access