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Master of Science




Biology (MS)

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Dr. Robert Belton


Glioblastoma (GBM) tumors are the most common and lethal form of cancer in the central nervous system (CNS). GBM tumors appear to contain a mixture of different cell types, which makes them difficult to treat. GBM cells exhibit altered morphology from normal cells on several different levels, which highlights different pathways to potentially target for therapeutic treatments. The human surface glycoprotein CD147, also known as basigin, is expressed at significantly higher levels in GBMs compared to non-neoplastic brain tissue. Furthermore, levels of CD147 expression correlate with brain tumor progression and show the highest expression in GBM. Here, we suppressed tumor cell growth using anti-CD147 monoclonal antibodies. An apoptosis/necrosis assay suggests that GBM cells treated with anti-CD147 monoclonal antibodies were not experiencing a form of induced cell death. Rather, our cell proliferation assay results suggest that anti-CD147 monoclonal antibody treated cells had significantly deceased cell proliferation when compared with control cells. Together, these results show that CD147 is a potential therapeutic target for GBM treatment.

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