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Master of Science


Psychological Science




Applied Behavior Analysis

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Jacob Daar


Roughly 3% of American citizens are considered to be problem gamblers (NCPG, 2014). This compulsion can have a detrimental impact on the pathological gambler’s life. One factor that has been considered to lead to this compulsive gambling is the loss disguised as a win (LDW). These LDWs have been shown to increase slot machine playing in numerous studies. However, their effect has not been studied in connection to Club Keno, which is also a highly prevalent game. In 2017 the Michigan lottery took in over $600 million in revenue from Club Keno (FGSAD, 2017). The present study sought to determine LDW preference in Club Keno, and if the effects that have been shown in slot machines are similar. It was determined that the subjects did not show a statistically significant preference for LDW Keno over non-LDW Keno.

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Open Access