Date of Award


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Master of Arts




English (MA)


Literature and Pedagogy

First Advisor/Chairperson

Dr. Kia Jane Richmond


This project examines the state of Michigan’s efforts in creating an equitable learning and working environment for LGBTQIA K-12 students and educators, explicitly focusing on 11th and 12th grade English Language Arts (ELA) standards. In the first chapter, I evaluate the relationship between queer theory and pedagogy and illuminate the need to implement queer pedagogy in teaching K-12 ELA classes. The following chapter reviews the progressive state of California for its promotion of culturally responsive pedagogy and its inclusion of LGBTQIA topics in its K-12 curriculum. The third chapter analyzes Michigan legislature and policies to highlight gaps that allow for the perpetuation of heteronormativity. This chapter also acknowledges efforts the state of Michigan has undertaken to improve the LGBTQIA community’s experiences in the education system. The subsequent chapters detail specific measures that must be taken to fill the gaps that Michigan leaves open. I discuss how those gaps might be filled through the use of queer and culturally responsive pedagogies in ELA classrooms, by reconsidering text selection processes, and also through the restructuring of pre-service education requirements.

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Open Access