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Master of Fine Arts




English (MA)

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Patricia Killelea


Goal Drought is a collection of free verse and prose poetry that focuses on the sport of soccer. The collection explores the roles of fans and players within the sport as well as the strategy, concepts, and controversies that make up much of soccer. Beyond just the game, the collection also engages with religious concepts and the more general themes of obsession, desire for community, and the act of participating and watching performances. Physicality and personal experience also play a large role in this work, and the collection mixes both jargon and more casual and conversational language to try and link the more technical or “insider” aspects of the game to the everyday lives of people who do and do not follow it.

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Open Access

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This is a creative work that will be submitted to publications that consider open-access platforms previous publications.

Available for download on Wednesday, April 16, 2025

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Poetry Commons