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Master of Fine Arts




English (MA)

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Jennifer Howard


Colony Collapse is a novel about longing, loss, and the trauma we carry through the world, focusing on three characters: Daniel Amana, Logan Cassidy, and Malory Bennet as they navigate a hostile environment and attempt to find somewhere to belong, or a way to move on. It is a novel that seeks to answer the difficult question of what we do with a life unfulfilled. Daniel finds the answer in a movement to achieve immortality, Logan in the memories of his sister, and Malory in a challenging case to solve, but what happens when their paths come into conflict?

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Open Access

Justification for Restricting Access

First publication rights. I plan to have this body of work published as a book, and if it's made public before that happens, it won't be possible.

Available for download on Wednesday, April 01, 2026

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Fiction Commons