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Master of Arts




English (MA)

First Advisor/Chairperson

Dr. Jaspal Singh


For my thesis, I wrote a graphic novel set in a world where certain people possess powers that society tries to suppress by viewing them as a disease. The story focuses on two super-powered individuals on opposite sides of the law who handle this oppression very differently. Although these characters would easily be able to overpower the non-powered people in charge, they are too afraid to do so. Internalized guilt from possessing abilities they did not ask for adds an additional layer of conflict, just as women and disabled persons are constantly made to feel like they should apologize for who they are. Women in comic books, whether hero or villain, are often disappointingly one-dimensional, and I sought to help correct this narrative gap. Writing in the style of a comic book will further pay homage to the themes and stylizations I am studying. Although I did not craft a completed graphic novel filled with finished panels, I outlined how panels would be organized and provided a few examples of panels and the scenes. Drawing out the images during the editing process enabled me to visualize the characters and their actions in a different format. I included some of them at the end of my script to supplement my descriptions and allow the reader to more fully enter this world with me.

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Open Access