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Education Specialist

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Education Specialist


Education, Leadership and Public Service


Educational Administration: Administration and Supervision (MAE)

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Dr. Abby R. Cameron-Standerford


The purpose of this collective case study was to describe the lived experiences of homeschool families during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically how they managed their day to include teaching elementary school-aged children in the rural Midwestern United States. This qualitative case study allowed the researcher to analyze the phenomenon of homeschooling during a global pandemic, and the strategies necessary to balance home and schooling during unprecedented times. The data for this case study included a pre-interview questionnaire, an interview, and primary source documents from two homeschool families. The means by which the homeschool families organized their day to include the teaching of elementary school-age children was studied along with the successes and challenges of homeschooling.

The analysis of data yielded the following results: While each participant had varying levels of homeschool experience, each individual discussed the significance of support networks as part of the homeschool or unschool experience. Additionally, both participants discussed the challenges of balancing home, work, school, and childcare. Finally, the analysis showed that both participants enjoyed working with their children, and found it rewarding when their children thrived.

Keywords: COVID-19, distance learning, homeschooling, pandemic, reopening schools, school closures, unschooling

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Open Access